Create, Sell & Market Your Own Therapeutic Online Course Program

We are passionate about helping therapists to materialise their vision of a transformational online course

Understand that you have everything within you that you need to succeed. Instead of looking for external validation or clues, learning how to tap into your potential can be challenging, but with the help of an experienced business consultant who specialises in helping therapists, you know your voyage is starting in the right direction. Sometimes all you need is the help of an experienced consultant to assist you along your path.


 "Dreams Are Often Most Profound 
When They Seem The Most Crazy"

-Sigmund Freud

People Talk

Belkis C.

“I am an international empowerment Speaker and Coach. I help women overcome past hurt setbacks and trauma, recognise the opportunities to turn their passions into profit and help them set up the systems to get started . I am currently working on a course and finishing a book.
It is certainly a pleasure to be here.”

Linn H.

“As a therapist, I help people build the field, and teach them how to cultivate and tend their inner world with compassion and curiosity. I help people find their way home.
Thank you Christoffer, I appreciate the stardust gift of your course offering!” 

David B.

"Christoffer has a strong precedence in a specific area of addiction which is courageous and inspiring. I enjoy the working relationship I have with him as Christoffer is humble, professional and supportive."
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