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we are here to support people like you, who are here to make a positive change in people's lives!
Create Your Own Therapeutic Online Program
For you who want to leverage your time and expertise to impact lives at greater scale while ensuring your clients gets the most effective results.

The purpose of this video is to show you how to:
- Create your own therapeutic online program.
- Get it infront of the people who need it the most.
- Provide the best environment for making profound life changes. 
Belkis C.
“I am an international empowerment Speaker and Coach. I help women overcome past hurt setbacks and trauma, recognise the opportunities to turn their passions into profit and help them set up the systems to get started . I am currently working on a course and finishing a book.
It is certainly a pleasure to be here.”
Linn H.
“As a therapist, I help people build the field, and teach them how to cultivate and tend their inner world with compassion and curiosity. I help people find their way home.
Thank you Christoffer, I appreciate the stardust gift of your course offering!” 
David B.
"Christoffer has a strong precedence in a specific area of addiction which is courageous and inspiring. I enjoy the working relationship I have with him as Christoffer is humble, professional and supportive."
Therapy Is Your Realm Of Expertise — Creating, Marketing And Selling Successful Therapeutic Online Programs Is Not.
We are specialising In Assisting Private Practitioners To Help Significantly More People Without Adding More Work Hours And Complexity Using Methods That Are Proven To Work, And We reveal them to you in this video.

You'll Discover:
How To impact Lives At An Unparalleled Scale Through Your Own premium priced Therapeutic Online Program
How To Generate A Consistent Flow Of Online Clients
How To Provide The Best Environment To Make Profound Life Changes Through Therapeutic Online Programs
Meet Christoffer Nettelbladt

Therapy Practice Growth Specialist

Hi! please do call me Chris. I'm a  serial entrepreneur, consultant with an extensive background in IT, and private practice specialist at TPC International. My true passion is helping therapists to transform their own and their clients lives through therapeutic online programs, make more money, and gain more fulfilment, abundance and freedom from Santa Monica California to Houston Texas.

When I'm not obsessing over therapeutic online programs, I'm enjoying the outdoors, trying to master bbq smoking techniques (yes, even when the weather matches that of the picture) and messing around with my family of four kids, a dog and two cats.
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