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To help experienced therapists create, sell and market their own therapeutic online programs.

You know how to take your clients from their current situation to their desired situation.

Together we can make that knowledge available to them through an online program.

Ultimately our mission at TPC is to make world class therapy globally available.

It's all about getting the online program infront of the people who need them
The Challenge
is to not only create a great online service but to make sure that it reaches the people who need it the most to make the transformational change they desire in their life but can't make on their own
The Solution
Is to follow our holistic process to not only create great online therapeutic services but also how to market and sell them to the people who truly need them. 
Together We Can Make A Difference
Together with Our clients we make world class therapy and coaching globally available.
At Therapy Practice Consulting we love what we do because ultimately when we successfully help a therapist to create a new online program, to market and sell it we make it easier for the people who truly need that particular help to transform their life in a positive way.
A world where people have access to great therapy, regardless of their current situation and where they live is a world we are working everyday to create.
Christoffer Nettelbladt

Dedicated to helping therapists to make a greater impact

Chris is an entrepreneur with a long background in IT operations who's passionate about fusing his knowledge about online business with the field of therapy & coaching through his clients. 

Ultimately making great therapy & coaching globally available through the clients services they produce after following Chris's process.

Chris's precise ability to aid therapists in making their services 
available through online courses comes from his own 
experience as previously being a therapist client and his utmost belief in the good the field of therapy provide for society and individuals. 
Therapy Practice Consulting show you how to build, sell & market transformational online courses.

It’s done through a 8-week online video course, live questions and answers calls and a community for our clients.
Any therapist and professional coach who wants to make a greater impact with their business by serving clients through online courses in addition to live work. It works regardless of your previous technical experience and age.
You watch the videos, implement the education, take action, use the provided tools, and start building your online course “brick-by-brick”.

Ask questions in the community group or on live Q&A calls. You get lifetime access to it all.
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